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This family tree will begin with my great great grandfather and will proceed to our current families. The children of my grandfather are shown in Brown (My uncles and aunts) their children are listed in Green (My cousins and brothers and sister). The children of those children (Mine and their children) are in BLACK. The spouses of my children are in blue. Their children's children (grandchildren) will appear in red. The order of the families are given from the oldest to the youngest. The geneology chart will give you eight (8) generations of the Heaton family. The white numbers indicate the generations. If I have my geneology correct, my Great Great Grandfather Abner is in a different line as he married Elizabeth Heaton who was William Heaton's daughter who would have been my Great, Great Great Grandfather. [Are you confused??!!] That is, my ancestory goes through Elizabeth not Abner back to England.
If you see an error or have information about this family, please contact me at the email address below. Thank you.

LEGEND: b=birth; d=deceased; m=married; rm=remarried; dv=divorced; SR=State of residence

UPDATED - March, 2013

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Great Great Great Grandfather
1. William Heaton
Great Great Grandmother
2.Elizabeth Heaton b/00/00/1809 - d/00/00/1888 [From England]
m/00/00/1832 Abner Heaton (b/00/00/1810) - d/00/00/1890 [From Pennsylvania]
Great Grandfather
3. John Cornelius "Neil" Heaton b/00/00/1848 - d/00/00/1911
m/00/00/1871 Martha "Mattie" Jane Wilson b/00/00/1853 - d/00/00/1908
4. Fredrick C. Heaton b/00/00/1872 - d/00/00/1944
m/00/00/1896 Elizabeth May Brashear b/00/00/1879 - d/00/00/1964
4. George Clarkson Heaton b/04/03/1874 - d/04/00/1951
m/00/00/00 Mary Isabelle Holliday b/01/14/1892 - d/09/08/1956
5. George Marshall Heaton b/01/07/1919 - d/07/08/1994 [Factory worker]
m/00/00/00 Isabel Louise Lucks b/00/19??
6. George Marshall Heaton Jr. (194) (m-19)
6. Jimmy Joe Heaton b/00/00/4? m/00/00/19??
My Father
5. Don Ralph Heaton b/01/12/1922 (Jefferson County OH.) - d/03/21/1965 (Short Creek Cementary, Jefferson Co. OH.) [WWII Veteran/Sgt - Quaker Minister]
m/08/00/00 Sarah Virginia Gray b/02/06/1923 - d/10/09/2003 (Homosassa, FL)
6. Dr. Paul Edward Heaton b/02/15/1947 (Ravenna, OH.) [Vietnam Era Vet U.S. Air Force/Sgt - Independent Baptist Pastor - Chaplain USSC MEPCOM]
m/06/15/1968 Gale Marie Pickinpaugh b/03/02/1950 (Ypsilanti, MI.) - SR-MI.
7. Sarah Irene Heaton b/12/02/1972 (Ypsilanti, MI.) SR. OH.
m/02/24/1996 Bradley Eugene King b/04/08/1967 (Wood County, OH.) [Controller] - SR-OH.
8. Ethan Wesley b/09/21/1997 (Toledo, OH)
8. Evan Bradley b/08/13/1999 (Toledo, OH)
8. Alyssa Louise b/11/27/2001 (Toledo, OH)
8. Abigail Marie b/10/23/2003 (Toledo, OH)
8. Alyah Elizabeth b/11/12/2006 (Toledo, OH)

7. Keren Elizabeth Heaton b/11/07/1975 (Pensacola, FL) SR. MI.
m/02/15/1997 Jeremy James Delton Evans b/12/02/1975 [Schwans Depot Manager]- SR-MI.

8. Julia Marie b/11/06/1999 (Saginaw, MI)
8. Esther Kay b/10/05/2000 (West Branch, MI)
8. Joanna Elizabeth b/08/20/2002 (West Branch, MI)
8. Elisha Charles-Jeremy b/07/24/2005 (West Branch, MI)
8. Josiah Edward-Amos b/05/24/2007 (West Branch, MI)

7. Paul Edward Heaton, Jr. b/03/16/1978 (West Branch, MI.) [Consultant for iXP - Public and Private Safety Company - SR-GA.
m/10/09/2004 Kami Volkman b/06/14/1982 (Wasseon, OH)

7. David Charles Heaton b/05/22/1980 (West Branch, MI.) [Youth/Assistant Pastor: Hope Baptist Church - Toledo,OH. Also has own carpet installation business.] SR. OH.
m/05/20/2000 Susan Lynn Walton b/09/28/1979 (Toledo, OH)- SR-OH.

8. Marissa Lynn b/06/25/2004 (Toledo, OH)
8. Dawson Charles b/09/04/2006 (Toledo, OH)
8. Makenna Brook b/08/11/2008 (Toledo, OH)
8. Treyson Mark b/08/07/2010 (Toledo, OH)

7. Jonathan Howard Heaton b/08/25/1985 (West Branch, MI.) School bus driver - SR-MI
m/08/29/2009 Amber Lynn Crots b/01/01/1987 (MI)- SR-MI.

8. Jackson Paul b/02/26/2012 (West Branch, MI)

7. Joel Micah Heaton b/12/29/1987 (West Branch, MI.) Lahti Fabrication W.B, MI. - SR-MI.
m/08/08/08 Stephanie Lyn Snyder b/09/05/1989 (Flint, MI)- SR-MI.

7. Seth Micaiah Heaton b/12/21/1993 (West Branch, MI.) At home

6. Don Wesley Heaton b/08/28/1949 (Ravenna, OH.) [Vietnam Vet U.S. Army/Sgt - Financial Officer Truck Dealer] SR. AL.
m/06/02/1979 Tawana Kay Nix b/10/06/1956 - SR-AL
rm 06/24/2006 - Nancy B Thompson b/11/23/1948 - SR-AL

7. Andrew Michael Heaton b/06/03/1982 (Indiania) [Lawyer - JD/MBA]
m/07/29/2007 Holly Diane Bauser b/10/05/1980. [Doctor - MD/PhD]

6. Ruth Ann Heaton b/07/09/1954 (Pleasant Garden, NC.) [Dairy Farmer]
m/08/07/1971) Donald Dewey David b/04/10/48 (Prescott, MI.) [Vietnam Era Vet - U.S. Army - Dairy Farmer] - SR-MI.
7. Donald Chester David b/01/00/1972 (West Branch, MI.)[Dairy Farmer] - SR-MI.
7. Deanna Ruth David b/06/22/1974 (West Branch, MI.) [Dairy Farmer]
m/11/07/1995 Steven Thomas Plieman b/05/11/1968 [Construction Worker]- SR-MI.
8. Thomas Donald Plieman b/01/11/2001 (Tawas, MI)
8. Timothy Robert Plieman b/01/11/2001 (Tawas, MI)

6. Robert Dennis Heaton. b/06/19/1962 [U.S. Navy 19-19 -]
m/00/00/1987 Martha Aleyda Brand b/11/24/59 - SR-LA.

7. Robert Dennis Heaton, Jr. b/04/08/1988
7. Matthew Wesley Heaton. b/08/06/1993
rm/11/06/1968 to Julian Abrams b/04/21/1919 [Brick layer Retired]- SR- FL.

5. Lovinia Esther Heaton b/08/22/1923 - d/03/20/1978
m/00/00/47 Ralph Therion Scott b/12/08/1876 - d/03/01/1963 - dv/00/00/19??

6. Charlene b/00/00/00 m/00/00/00 - SR-
m/00/00/19?? - SR-OH.

5. Paul Heaton {No middle name.} b/11/27/1927 - d/12/21/1982 [Factory worker.]
(m-07/30/1950) Betty Jean (Boyle) b/08/14/1951 - dv/05/16/1955

6. Betty Mae Heaton b/12/21/1951
m/00/00/19?? - SR-OH.
6. Mary Lou Heaton b/04/25/1953
m/11/03/1973 Jim Clifford Storch b/01/15/1946 - SR-NC.
rm/10/06/1956 Florence Irene Crocker/Thigpen b/01/21/1924 - d/07/24/1997

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