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The Heaton family welcomes you to our page. On this page you will find a short genealogy of our family. There are also some links to some pages that tell about our church, some books I have written and one that contains a photograph of our family. You will find our e-mail address, which will allow you to contact us if you wish. ALSO, could you PLEASE sign our guest book? Thanks!!!

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The following is a look at the Heaton family . We will start with Great Grandpa Heaton. If you wish a more complete look at the family tree, click HERE. LEGEND b=birth; d=died; m=married

GREAT GRANDPA: George Clarkson Heaton - b/04/03/1874 - d/04/??/1951
GREAT GRANDMA: Mary Isabelle Holliday - b/??/??/1892 - d/09/08/1956
GRANDPA: Don Ralph Heaton - b/01/12/22 - d/03/21/65
GRANDMA: Sarah Virginia Gray - b/02/06/1923 - d/10/09/03

HUSBAND & DAD: Dr. Paul Edward Heaton - b/02/15/47
WIFE & MOM: Gale Marie Pickinpaugh - Known as "Marie." - b/03/02/50

Sarah Irene b/12/02/72 - (Brad King) - E-Mail

Their Children:
  • Ethan Wesley- b/09/21/97
  • Evan Bradley - b/08/13/99
  • Alyssa Louise - b/11/27/01
  • Abigail Marie - b/10/23/03
  • Aliyah Elizabeth - b/11/12/06
  • Keren Elizabeth b/11/07/75 (Jeremy Evans)-E-Mail

    Their Children:
  • Julia Marie - b/11/06/99
  • Esther Kay - b/10/05/00
  • Joanna Elizabeth - b/08/20/02
  • Elisha Charles Jeremy - b/07/24/05
  • Josiah Edward Amos - b/05/24/07
  • SONS:
    Paul Edward Jr. b/03/16/78 - (Tammy) E-Mail

    Their Children:
  • Carter Ashton - b/10/08/04
  • David Charles b/05/22/80 (Susan) - E-Mail

    Their Children:
  • Marissa Lynn - b/06/25/04
  • Dawson Charles - b/09/04/06
  • Makenna Brook - b/08/11/08
  • Treyson Mark - b/08/07/10
  • Jonathan Howard - b/08/25/85 (Amber) - E-Mail

    Their Children:
  • Jackson Paul - b/02/26/2012
  • Joel Micah - b/12/29/87 (Stephanie) - E-Mail

    Children At Home:
    Seth Micaiah - b/12/21/93 - E-Mail

    Grandchildren's Page
    To take an updated (August 2011) look at all of our grandchildren go to Grandchildren

    For a look at a "NEW" family picture taken May 2012 click HERE.

    Concerned Citizens for Repentance In America

    A Few Words About Our Family
    [Put your mouse over the pictures and they will enlarge.]

    I was born in Ravenna, Ohio. My parents moved to N.C. (Pleasant Garden which is south of Greensboro) when I was just a "lad." We moved from there to Michigan when I was nine (1956). I am the oldest of four children, 2 brothers (Don & Robert) and a sister (Ruth). My parents were born and raised in south eastern Ohio around the Mt. Pleasant, Emerson and Cadiz area. My wife was born and raised in Ypsilanti, Michigan and is the oldest of four, 2 sisters (Deborah, Anita) and a brother (Don). (She also has 2 half sisters, Jane & Janet.) Her dad [W. Howard Pickinpaugh - 1908-98] was born in Camden, Illinois and her mother [Irene Cox - 1917-2002] was born in the "showboat" city, Chesaning, Michigan.

    Two years after I graduated from high school, I enlisted [Rather than get drafted!] in the USAF (December of 1967). Marie and I were married on June 15, 1968. At that time I was headed for Fort Walton Beach, FL. (Eglin AFB) for my first duty station. Marie had been in the Youth For Understanding exchange program in her school and had been practicing for a South American tour right after graduation. Hence, I went to Florida and she to S.A.,then she joined me in August. We lived there (Mary Esther, FL.) until April of 1969 when I received orders for Okinawa. During my four years in the United States Air Force (1967-71) my primary bases of station where Eglin AFB, (Fort Walton Beach, FL.) and Kadena AFB (Okinawa) Japan where I was stationed nearly 30 months (400th MMS). While stationed in Okinawa I had the privilege to work in an English Christian radio station, then owned by the Far East Broadcasting Company, (KSAB) as a disc jockey. Marie worked in the office and occasionally did news broadcasts. We served (unoffically) nearly 2 years with FEBC. We learned many things that we now use in our own radio station WMSD here in Lupton, MI.

    Our first child was born in 1972 almost 1 year after my discharge from the military.The next year (August) I left for Pensacola, FL where I attended Pensacola Bible Institute where upon completion I received my BD. After graduation (1976) we began Bible Baptist Church in Lupton, Michigan where I had lived during my boyhood years (9-18) and where we still are today. All of our children, except our second daughter, have been born in Michigan. Keren was born in Florida just prior to my graduation from Bible school.

    A Few Words About our Children.
    Brad and Sarah (King) and five children live in Perrysburg, OH. They attend and serve in Hope Baptist Church (Pastor Rick Sowell). Brad currently works for as a controller for a company in the Toledo area that makes parts for cars.

    Jeremy and Keren (Evans) and five children, live just 1 mile from us here in Lupton, MI. They attend and serve as our youth leaders in our church here in Lupton (Bible Baptist Church). Jeremy is a LGM for the Schwan's corporation and also is pursuing God's call into evangelism. We have put up a website if you'd like to look at it. Click on Jeremy Evans.

    Paul Edward Jr recently married and he and his wife Tammy and son, live in Advance, NC. He still works for iXP a corporation that provides consultation and solutions for public safety. Their website is iXP in case you care to look them up. I'm sure the new Heaton family would appreciate your prayers.

    David Charles and his wife Susan and four children live in Holland, OH which is a surburb of Toledo. He has his own carpet installing business and stays very busy most of the time. He and his wife are on staff at Hope Baptist Church in Toledo and David serves as Associate Pastor and together they serve as youth leaders.

    Jonathan Howard and his wife Amber, live in Lupton. They are both serving here in the church in whatever capacity they can. Recently (March 2014) Jonthan, through a temp service, went to work for a Company in West Branch. He is hoping this will work into a permanent job, and at this point it appears that may happen. Amber has gone back to work at the hardware store on a part time bases. Jackson Paul is growing like a weed and is "attempting" to talk. I'm sure both of them would appreciate your prayers.

    Joel Micah and his wife, Stephanie live in Lupton, MI. just across town from us. He and his wife are serving in our church doing whatever they can. Joel currently holds a college and Career Bible study on Sunday evenings at 6PM. He is employed at a metal fabricating shop in West Branch, MI (Lahti Fabrication) and Steph is now working at a beauty solon about 16 miles north of Lupton. As with the rest of our children, I'm sure they would appreciate your prayers.

    Last but not least is Seth Micaiah Seth will complete his first year of college the 1st of May as he is working toward his RN degree, your prayers are appreciated. He also is working, part time, at the same hardware where Amber works. He is still faithful to do whatever he can at church. Of course we cannot forget his buddy Panzer (German Shepherd) who stays at his side when Seth is home.



    If you would be interested in some written materials concerning the King James Bible and other subjects, that God has allowed me to get published, click on the bookshelf below for a look at the books and a "short" discription. My most recent booklet
    Is Cremation Biblical, Tattooing: The Devil's Art, The Music of Hell is available for $4.25 plus shipping and handling. It contains around 60 pages and has not been added to my webpage yet. If you are interested in the book contact me
    at EMAIL or click on the "bookshelf below to go to the book page.


    Bluegrass Music Anyone?

    I have designed a page where I list some music and artist that I believe can be trusted. This page is not complete and will be added to from time to time and currently contains over 70 different families and groups. This page is NOT supported by the people I list. As a matter-of-fact I am not sure that most of them know it is there. I did this because many people do not know where to go to find good music. This page will ONLY list bluegrass type music. While I like conservative sacred music like that which comes from Faith Music Missions, The Wilds, etc., there are places for you to find this type of music. Anyway click on the "banjo picker" below to get to my special page.


    The Bible Baptist Hour

    For those of you in the mid to northern Michigan area (Saginaw to Alpena), you can hear Pastor Heaton on WKJC 104.7 FM every Sunday morning at 8:05. Tune us in sometime and then e-mail us to let us know you heard us. In March of 1999, we marked 20 years of broadcasting the gospel over this Carroll Broadcasting station! Wish to look at our church page, click Church. Once logged to our church page you can also visit our Church radio page. WMSD, 90.9 FM, has been on the air since August 11, 2000. By clicking on WMSD you can see our main page and by clicking on Live Broadcasting you can also listen to us on the web.


    Come again real soon as we will be updating this page from time to time.

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